An Alternative Approach for Oil-immersed High Voltage Power Transformer Dissolved Gas Analysis Diagnostic Techniques


  • Ahmad Karimi Mehrabadi Arak University of Technology
  • Asaad Shemshadi Arak University of Technology
  • Hossein Shateri Arak University of Technology



Power transformer, Fault diagnosis, DGA, Fuzzy Logic, neural network


This article presents alternative analyzing method of extracted dissolved gases related to insulating oil of power transformers. Analysis of soluble and free gas is one of the most commonly used troubleshooting methods for detecting and evaluating equipment damage. Although the analysis of oil-soluble gases is often complex, it should be expertly processed during maintenance operation. The destruction of the transformer oil will produce some hydrocarbon type gases. The development of this index is based on two examples of traditional evaluation algorithms along with fuzzy logic inference engine. Through simulation process, the results of the initial fractures in the transformer are obtained in two ways by the "Duval Triangle method†and "Rogers’s ratios". In continue, three digit codes containing the fault information are created based on the fuzzy logic inference engine to achieve better results and eliminate ambiguous zones in commonly used methods, especially in the “Duval Triangle methodâ€. The proposed method is applied to 80 real transformers to diagnose the fault by analyzing the dissolved oil based on fuzzy logic. The results illustrate the proficiency of this alternative proposed algorithm. Finally, with utilization of a neural network the alternative practical inference function is derived to make the algorithm more usable in the online condition monitoring of power transformers.


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