Compact Patch MIMO Antenna With Low Mutual Coupling For WLAN Applications


  • Murtala Aminu-Baba Faculty of Engineering and Engineering Technology, A.T.B University, Bauchi State Nigeria
  • Mohammad Kamal A. Rahim utm
  • Farid Zubir utm
  • Adamu Y. Iliyasu utm
  • Mohd Fairus Mohd Yusoff utm
  • K. I. Jahun utm
  • Osman Ayop utm



A compact triband microstrip patch MIMO antenna is proposed for WLAN applications. The antenna consists of two patches antenna elements, which are orthogonally placed to each other for high isolation at 2.4, 2.8 and 5.8 GHz frequency bands. On its ground plane, a Complementary Split Ring Resonators (CSRRs) is etched for size reduction and multiband generation. The proposed compact MIMO antenna covers an entire size of 58 x 45 x 1.6 mm3, with the patch size of 13.3 x 17.1 mm2. A 79% size reduction at 2.45 GHz was achieved for miniaturization, with a very low mutual coupling (S21 and S12) of -32 dB at all bands.


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Aminu-Baba, M., A. Rahim, M. K., Zubir, F., Y. Iliyasu, A., Mohd Yusoff, M. F., Jahun, K. I., & Ayop, O. (2019). Compact Patch MIMO Antenna With Low Mutual Coupling For WLAN Applications. ELEKTRIKA- Journal of Electrical Engineering, 18(1), 43–46.