Millimeter Wave Fifth Generation (5G) Antenna for Smartphone Application


  • Fatin Iswani Azmi UTM JB
  • Farid Zubir UTM
  • Norsaidah Muhamad Nadzir



In this paper, a single element antenna is designed at millimeter-wave frequency bands for future 5G smartphone applications. The configuration of proposed antenna is multiple L-slots on the ground plane which is designed on a low cost FR4 board. The antenna covers a frequency range between 28 to 35 GHz with a higher bandwidth 4.7 GHz. The antenna shows an excellent performance when integrated with the mobile phone application. The single element antenna exhibits a maximum radiation pattern around 5.945 dBi.


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Azmi, F. I., Zubir, F., & Muhamad Nadzir, N. (2019). Millimeter Wave Fifth Generation (5G) Antenna for Smartphone Application. ELEKTRIKA- Journal of Electrical Engineering, 18(2), 44–48.