Improved Internal Model Control Technique for Position Control of AC Servo Motors


  • Abdul Wali Abdul Ali Multimedia University, Malaysia
  • Abdullah Hadi Alquhali Faculty of Engineering, Multimedia University



AC Servo Motor, AIMC, AIMC FLC, Control Stability, Bode diagram, Dynamic load, External disturbances, IMC, Static load, Step response


This paper focuses on the simulation analysis of the conventional Internal Model Control (IMC) technique and the development of two proposed control techniques for the position control of AC Servo Motor. Internal Model Control (IMC) technique [1] was only able to control the AC Servo Motor under static load condition. Also, it had step response problems, and it was not robust against external disturbances. For these reasons, the IMC technique was further improved to control the AC Servo Motor under dynamic load conditions by proposing Amended Internal Model Controller (AIMC). The step response and the robustness of AIMC against external disturbances were further improved by proposing AIMC+FLC. Where a Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) is designed and connected with the AIMC.


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