Anti-Theft Motorcycle Alarm System Using GSM and GPS


  • S. Z. N. Zool Ambia
  • N. A. Samsuri Universiti Teknologi Malaysia



This study is related to motorcycle anti-theft system which is a system that can increase awareness of the users on their vehicle. The system can prevent the motorcycle from being stolen easily by making a call to the owner’s cell phone through the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM). Existing alarm system in the market slowly shows its disadvantage. This is when the thief tried to steal a motorcycle, the system will produce a loud sound. People at the surrounding tend to ignore the noise and assume nothing is happening to the motorcycle. So, this project is conducted to improve the existing alarm system. Several types of sensors that suitable to use in the proposed system have been installed which are shock and vibration sensor, tilt sensor and ultrasonic sensor. These sensors will be placed in hidden places in the motorcycle to avoid the thieves from noticing it. So, when a thief tries to steal the motorcycle, the alarm system will be activated and GSM will make a call to the motorcycle owner. Another helpful device has been used in this system which is Global Positioning System (GPS) shield. This device will read the location of the motorcycle accurately and send it through GSM when the owner makes a request to the system.


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