Enhancing Multiple Analogue Inputs Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Module for Industrial Controlling Process and SCADA Monitoring


  • Ahmed S.M. Ayyad UTM
  • Mohamad Shukri Abdul Manaf Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Norul Ashikin Norzain UTM
  • Nicholas Philip UTM
  • Shafishuhaza Sahlan Universiti Teknologi Malaysia




PLC, Multiplexer, SCADA, Industrial Control


Different from the past, in recent years, an increasing number of technology solutions have been started to be designed for the data acquisition in industries and it is applications due to the fast development in the field of industrial control and recently the increase of the demand of high quality, accurate and fast devices working together with controllers such as programmable logic controllers. These devices are meant to be used and designed foe multiplexing a number of analogue signals into PLCs and industrial processors based data gathering devices. In Industries, Machines become more autonomous by letting controllers acquire and process several various industrial variables at a short time by keeping tabs from afar. Recently, designed PLC modules are developed and fabricated with additional input and output devices, cost effective and user friendly because there is significant interest from industries owners who prefer to have faster data acquisition and faster processing in a short time rather than using a conventional external modules for PLCs. Besides, the interest of using multiplexing devices has increased since these devices are cheaper and faster than normal PLC’s modules. Accordingly, in this study, full design of the enhanced analogue input module to acquire more number of industrial variables using small PLCs limited by its input capacity together with a sample software application of industrial control are presented using PLC programmer and SCADA system. In the presented software application, a group of sensors and actuators are used to simulate an autonomous industrial plant. Although the presented software application is just a simple example of how industrial process can be used, it has the potential of affecting all areas improving day to day life of the operators and engineers.


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S.M. Ayyad, A., Abdul Manaf, M. S., Norzain, N. A., Philip, N., & Sahlan, S. (2017). Enhancing Multiple Analogue Inputs Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Module for Industrial Controlling Process and SCADA Monitoring. ELEKTRIKA- Journal of Electrical Engineering, 16(3), 42–47. https://doi.org/10.11113/elektrika.v16n3.72